Welcome Home

Bloomingdale is a small residential community in the District of Columbia, located only minutes from downtown and the monuments.

Situated amongst the elm, maple, crape myrtle, and ginko trees lies this quaint community rich in history and architectural charm. The all brick Victorian rowhomes that line the streets were built at the turn of century utilizing exquisite craftmanship and a particular attention to detail.

Straddling the former Boundary Street (now Florida Avenue) Bloomingdale became known for its quiet streets and accessibility. The proximity to Howard University, Catholic University, the Children's Hospital, historical landmarks, and other commercial venues have made Bloomingdale the ideal "suburb" of Washington.

Today the neighborhood has come back. Longtime residents live next to young professionals and their families. The streets are abuzz with the laughter of children. Passerby's are greeted warmly by residents sitting out enjoying what Bloomingdale has to offer—a sense of community.